Hip Hop Class


Ballroom Dancing Club

Style Description

On Friday we have our second day of Hip Hop teens with Saurabh Bhatti. Saurabh is extremely experienced in hip hop and teaching and he'll make sure you learn some cool moves and techniques in no time! The teenagers' class start from 11 years old.

Hip Hop Dance is a style of movement characterized by bounces and rocks, executed to Hip Hop music. It has deep historical and social roots in African American culture, having emerged in Black communities living in 1970s New York. While frequently referred to as a singular dance style, Hip Hop dance is part of a whole culture of Hip Hop, that includes Deejaying, Graffiti, Emceeing, and Breaking.


 Make sure you educate yourself by getting familiar with the hip-hop culture and its history in order to understand what you dance. 

Wedneday 19:00
Friday 18:30