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Ballroom Dancing Club

Style Description

Dancehall began as a music movement in late 1970s Jamaica and its name is referring to the physical dance halls in which people used to congregate. There was a real racial and cultural divihde at the time, so dance halls were a placewhere the black working class could meet, socialize, and have fun together. 

The music of dancehall is a shift from reggae to a more modern sound, with the use of electronic instruments. A hallmark of dancehall music is the use of riddims (digital rhythms) over which different singers can perform different lyrics. Some riddims feature in hundreds of songs.

Dancehall dancing is ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-evolving. Dance moves that are inspired by big songs are constantly being added to the mix, so if you spend a few years out of the scene you can really lose touch with the moves that are being used!

Our amazing Katharina will teach you how to dance dancehall every Thursday at  19h. 

Thursday 19:00